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Custom Lanyard Promo!

During the month of May, ID Enhancements is waiving setup charges (up to $75 Value) for all custom-printed lanyards.   Click Here to enter our Lanyard Design Portal where you can see your lanyard being built, and price the options as you build it.  A "real-time" designing experience!

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IDP SMART Series Printer Promo

During the month of May, ID Enhancements, Inc. is offering a promotion targeted for the IDP Smart30 Color ID Card Printer. For a limited time, you can purchase the IDP Smart30 Printer and receive two (2), free color printer ribbons and 1,000 cards! The introductory supplies offers a savings of approximately $200.00. The IDP SMART [...]

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Common ID Card Printer Errors / Corrections

There are two errors commonly associated with PVC Card Printers: RIBBON BREAKAGEIf your ribbon breaks - tape it back together!  That's right. Remove the ribbon from the printer and simply tape the torn edge together. After taping, wind two complete turns so that the repaired portion is completely concealed on the take-up portion of the spool. [...]

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Secure ID Badge Holders

Employee identification badges are designed to display each employee’s name and company credentials. Many workplaces across the country require employees to wear an employee ID badge and keep it visible at all times. Clear, vinyl  badge holders are very inexpensive and versatile, but they aren't always as durable as they need to be. Every badge holder is NOT alike.When [...]

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Printer Cleaning is Vital for ID Card Printer Health

Do you ever clean your ID Card Printer?  If not, order supplies now!!!  Preventative maintenance for ID Card Printers starts with regular printer maintenance, including the cleaning of your printer. Nothing is more frustrating than your printer being down and in need of repair.  Reduce this downtime with regular printer cleanings.  Each printer manufacturer offers [...]

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Reordering is a Breeze!

Did you know that you can quickly and easily reorder your proximity cards, as well as other badging supplies and accessories, with our convenient REORDER option?  Reordering this way is so convenient!  Login to your account in our online store and click on "Completed Orders".  The completed order screen will show you a history of [...]

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Badging Accessories

Affordable Identification Badge ClipsWorkplace security is an important necessity for any company. Identification of employees, students, staff and visitors is a primary component of a sound security strategy. Many companies turn to us for affordable and easy identification solutions to fit their budget and security plan. Our extensive line of badging accessories range from ID cards with badge clips and overlays [...]

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RapidPROX® Incremental Structure

ID Enhancements, Inc. announces a new incremental structure for its RapidPROX® Service and Product Line. Offering as few as 10 credentials, the RapidPROX® line lowers the minimum purchase quantity for custom-encoded credentials for those customers needing their own encoding, yet only needing a few cards. This minimum has been adjusted for clamshell cards, ISO [...]

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RapidPROX® Product Line Expanded

ID Enhancements, Inc. announces the expansion of its RapidPROX® Line of products to include RapidPROX® technology key fobs for both CASI and INDALA Proximity Technology systems. Both of these products answer the call for a lower-cost solution for INDALA and CASI proximity customers desiring a convenient key fob solution.Priced at only $2.99 per fob, the INDALA [...]

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