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Badge reels are a card accessory that will be of interest to many of your customers across a variety of markets and industries. While a badge reel full of keys is usually associated with a maintenance man or janitor, several industries, including the ski and healthcare industries, use badge reels with regularity.

ID ENHANCEMENTS, INC. offers more than a dozen different types of badge reels:

  • No-twist badge reels are ideal for customers in the healthcare field, where having front-facing credentials is often required by law. No-twist reels use a unique front-loading design to prevent credentials from getting tangled.
  • Customers in the skiing, snowboarding or recreation space will love the ski/sport badge reels, which feature a sturdy design and a swivel hook end-fitting that is great for holding ski passes. Add a resort or ski area company logo to the reel to create an attention-getting solution for your customers.
  • Max label badge reels are perfect for those in the promotional industry. These reels feature the same retractable cord and durable design as other badge reels, but they feature a larger custom imprint area. This allows the reel to have a bigger custom logo or graphic. Max label reels are great for giveaways or organizations seeking to increase brand recognition.
  • Customers seeking a fun, eye-catching badge reel will enjoy our heart-shaped badge reels, baby footprint badge reels or rhinestone badge reels. Encourage your customers to show a little flair and add some fun to their card-carrying program with these unique accessories.
  • For customers seeking a simple, straightforward badge reel, IDE offers a number of different options. Traditional round badge reels are durable and easy to attach, solid colored badge reels are available in many different shades and translucent badge reels will add a soft touch of color to your customer’s solution. These reels would be perfect card carrying solutions for corporate and retail customers.

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