ID Card Printing Considerations

Which printer do you need? What about software? Resarch here, the multiple programs for stand-alone projects or complete networking systems. 


Proximity Cards (125kHz)

Proximity cards are low-frequency, RFID cards used for access control, security and identification. Learn about the various technologies we offer including: HID®, Indala®, AWID®, Keyscan®, Bosch®, Keri®, Kantech® and more.


Magnetic Stripe Technology

Learn about the magnetic stripes and the multiple options from which to choose.



Our high-frequency line of credentials include MIFARE® & DESFire® cards and key fobs. A complete inventory of credentials for same-day shipment from our South Carolina warehouse.


Access Control System

Learn about the various components of an access system.


Visitor Badging Systems

Complete "boxed" solutions ready to ship! Choose from several manufacturers.





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