ID Card Printing Considerations


Printing Technologies

Which printer do you need? Click here to research the printers with options including: Dye-Sub, Reverse Transfer, Lamination, Dual-Sided, De-Bossers and more.  


ID Badging Software

Learn about the various software programs offered by IDE. Do you need to print on both sides of the card? Do you need to incorporate a barcode? How about lamination requirements?  Holographic overlays?  


Cardstock Options

What print media will you be utilizing?  Standard PVC? What about a poly-composite solution? Perhaps an adhesive-backed PVC. Or maybe you are printing directly to a proximity card, or other RFID card.  


Ribbon Options

Learn the various ribbon options and how the ribbons are configured. Decide which ribbon/cartridge is right for your application by understanding the acronyms behind each ribbon configuration.


Single or Dual-Sided

Which type of printer is best for your application?



Click here for a list of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips.