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Single or Dual-Sided


One of the first decisions you will need to make when considering your ID Card Printer purchase is: "Do I needed single-sided, or dual-sided"?  Very simply, a single-sided printer will print to only one side of the card, and a dual-sided printer will print on the front and the back of the card. So which do you need? The answer lies with how your badge will be designed.

Designing a badge with all pinrtable information on the front of the badge would require only a single-sided printer. Easy, right?  Single-sided printers are the most economical and meet the needs for most that are printing only basic information such as name, photo, company logo, etc.

So when would you need a dual-sided printer? If you are printing variable information on the back such as a barcode, employee number or other information that would change from badge-to-badge - this is when a dual-sided printer is required.  The convenience of printing both sides at one time eliminates the possibility of human error if printing each side manually, ensureing the proper front and the proper back are printed together.

What if you're printing only a static message like "if lost, drop in a mailbox..." - this information never changes.  While you could utilize a dual-sided printer for convenience, a single-sided printer would get the job done. You would simply print all the backs of your cards with a monochrome ribbon and place them back in the box - careful not to touch the surface of the cards with your fingers. Using a monochrome ribbon to do this costs only pennies per print.  Then, insert your color ribbon and print single-sided badges as needed. The full-color ribbon is more costly, and you don't want to use it to print only black text on the back.

TIP: Some single-sided badge printers are upgradeable to dual-sided. So, if you feel your requirements may change at any point in the future, opt for an ID Card Printer that is upgradeable!

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