Payment Methods

Credit Cards:  ID Enhancements accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express. Orders are shipped to the billing address of the credit card, only after processing the card  & validating the address and CCV number.  Credit cards are not accepted for orders outside of the United States. Domestic orders (paid via credit card) must be processed using a United States issued credit card.  

ID Enhancements utilizes fraud-prevention guidelines for each credit card order.  Should your order not pass these guidelines, your order will be refunded and an explanation emailed.  For orders such as this, you will be given an opportunity to submit your order again, and utilize another, verifiable payment method such as Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer.

For customers utilizing credit cards, all credit card payments must be made PRIOR to processing.  Customers with established N30 terms wishing to pay with a credit card after the fact, will incur a 10% transaction fee. 

Paypal:  Paypal is accepted in our online store. Shipments will be sent to "Paypal Verified Addresses" only.

Checks:  Checks may be sent for pre-payment of an order to:  P.O. Box 1557, Hartsville, SC  29551-1557.  Checks must accompany a formal quotation or estimate provided by ID Enhancements, Inc.  Orders will be processed only after verification that the funds are secured.

Purchase Orders:  Purchase orders are accepted from government, educational and corporate customers. Contact us at 1.800.279.4560 for further information on qualified purchases using purchase orders.

N30 Terms: Goverment or educational organizations funded by the federal, state or local governements may utilize N30 terms for purchases, only when such purchases are made with a formal purchase order.  Private corporations are invited the apply for N30 terms, and must meet certain qualifying criteria such as monthly or annual volume purchases.  N30 accounts are required to have a minimum purchase amount of $500 per order, and an annual purchase amount of $5,000.00.  If you feel your company will meet these minimum requirements, please email your credit statement to:

Wire Transfer:  All international orders must be prepaid via WIRE TRANSFER prior to processing; or via Paypal.  Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer - not ID Enhancements. Shipments that are refused for delivery and returned to ID Enhancements will have any charges incurred with refusal, deducted from the amount of the product credit.




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