Software Solutions


When considering the purchase of a new ID Badging System, determine which category applies to your system:



Entry-Level Software

Typically, this category is designed for low-volume clients utilizing a stand-alone environment, and whose print capacity is less than 100 badges per day. While the low-volume printing is a driving factor for this classification, numerous features are still available to the Entry-Level user. Features such as: card design, limited database entries, barcode features, sequential numbering, magnetic encoding and more. Most Entry-Level systems are designed for stand-alone badging applications. Click Here to view some of our entry level systems.


Mid-Level Software

Designed for larger companies, our mid-level software solutions allow for integration between existing databases, importing and exporting of data, batch printing and numerous reporting features.  Typically, the integration of databases is the number one reason for opting for a mid-level software solution.  The additional reporting features are attractive also.  Click Here to view some of our badging systems that utilize mid-level software.


Professional-Level Software

Large companies utilize the professional-level solutions for the maximum benefits and networkability offered. Typically, large corporations are separated geographically across the nation, however, the professional-level systems allow integration via networks so that all records can be centrally located and controlled.  In addition to the full network capabilities, our Professional-Level Solutions offer enhanced security options; multiple image capture capabilities; RFID encoding/decoding; and advanced database functionality with a host of reporting capabilities.


Aren't sure which software solution you need?  Why not take one for a test drive?  This is a great way to actually experience what the software has to offer and utilize your data in a real-time situation.  Click Here to view our software solutions.   


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