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"My cards keep breaking, what can I do?"

  • Standard PVC cards are made of 100% PVC material.  If you have issues with card breakage, you could probably benefit from a poly-composite card (offered here). Poly-composite cards are more durable and resist breakage moreso than standard PVC cards. As with any upgrade, there is an added expense for poly-composite cards.
  • Another option would be to store your PVC card in a protective holder. While we offer multiple holders, we specifically recommend a RIGID holder for this scenerio.  A rigid holder will prevent the card from bending, thus eliminating breakage. Our rigid holders are available in multiple configurations, colors and styles. 


"Is My Printer Worth Fixing?"

  • If you have a printer that is no longer covered by a warranty, you will need to evaluate the cost of the repair to determine whether the repair can be justified. Printer repairs can run as low as $100, but can also exceed the value worth investing.  To help you make a decision, your printer can be evaluated by our printer repair center. Upon evaluation, you will be given the estimate for repair and you can decide whether to proceed or not.  By proceeding, your printer is typically repaired and shipped back to you the same day or next. Should you decide not to proceed, you will be responsible for a $90.00 evaluation fee plus any shipping charges of the printer back to you.  As information, we typically have TRADE-IN REBATES running whereby you can trade-in your old printer towards the purchase of a new printer. This is also an attractive option should you decide not to repair your printer.

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