RapidPROX® Proximity Credentials

ID Enhancements, Inc. is the premier alternative to expensive, name-brand proximity cards.  Our "Made-in-America" products offer the quality, solid design you expect in a proximity credentials. Our RapidPROX® brand is known as the "breakthrough brand" in the industry - eliminating the lead time for proximity cards from 4-6 weeks to only 48 hours. Same-Day processing is also available.

Back in the year 2000 when RapidPROX® was introduced, our goal was to reduce the wait time for proximity credentials.  Today, RapidPROX® offers the largest, most diverse inventory of proximity credentials in the USA!  And all for shipment within 24-48 hours.

RapidPROX® Proximity Cards operate on the 125kHz frequency.  While many companies use these cards for  employees, our RapidPROX® Proximity Cards are ideal for temporary employees, contractors and visitors. 

RapidPROX® Proximity Cards are available in a wide array of technologies including, but not limited to:  HID®, AWID®, Indala®, CASI®, Keyscan®, DSX®, Honeywell® and more.  In addition, we can program these technologies in multiple bit formats (i.e. 26Bit, 34Bit, 35Bit, 37Bit, etc.), accommodating most any application.

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ID ENHANCEMENTS, INC. is 100% Woman-Owned. Founded in 1993.   www.id-enhancements.com