Eco-Friendly, Proximity Cards and Fobs

16th Aug 2023

The RapidPROX® Product Line continues to expand with our Eco-Friendly line of 125kHz proximity credentials.

RapidPROX® Eco-Friendly, Bamboo Cards and Fobs are comparable in functionality to our existing line of RapidPROX® credentials. Our Bamboo products are produced with wood, in lieu of the conventional PVC material. 

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Our Bamboo fobs are eco-friendly, and environmentally sustainable, in addition to being biodegradable when no longer required.  Not limited to the environmental benefits, our RapidPROX® Bamboo fobs are a unique, eye-pleasing alternative to standard, plastic key fobs. A professional inkjet number is printed on each fob for visual identification.  Covered by three-year warranty.

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RapidPROX® is a trademark of ID ENHANCEMENTS, INC.  Buy from a trusted supplier in business for 30 Years!  

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