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Proximity Card Programming Punch List

There are several required pieces of information when ordering Proximity Cards.  Our PunchList will help you gather the required information. 

Programming:  Most orders are programmed internally here at our production facility. Occasionally, a customer may opt for non-programmed cards; or cards that are pre-programmed at the factory. How do you need your cards prepared?  There are typically three pieces of information required to ensure the cards you are ordering will be compatible with your system.  

1.  Technology.  Which proximity technology are you utilizing?

  • HID
  • Indala
  • AWID                      
  • CASI
  • Keri
  • Kantech

2.  Format.  What format does your system require?  The format is typically assigned during the installation of your system. Ordering a wrong big format will result in can initial card failure.  Do you have a box from your previous purchase?  Typically, the format is listed on the box.  Listed below are some of the more popular formats that we offer:

  • H10301
  • N10002
  • H10306
  • H10304                   
  • H10302
  • C15001
  • D10202
  • S12906

3.  Facility Code.  What facility code does your system require?  Did you know that you can utilize more than one facility code?  Again, the facility code is information that is typically assigned during the installation. Ordering a wrong facility will result in an initial card failure. Do you have a box from your previous purchase? Typically, the facility code is listed on the box.  

  • Facility Code Not Required
  • Facility Code Required:
  • Facility Code Required, Provide Any


4.  Card Numbers

  • No External Card Numberng
  • Matching Internal & External:


*Cards are programmed to your specifications and are NOT RETURNABLE. Order with caution. 


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