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Understanding Card Formats

The Standard 26-Bit Format

The format in which a card is programmed is determined by the data pattern that will be compatible with the access control panel. All 125kHz credentials, cards, fobs, tags, etc. (programmed HID, Indala or AWID technology), can be programmed in the standard 26-bit card format. The Standard 26-bit Format is an Open Format, meaning that anyone can buy these cards in any facility code and number range (allowed within the format). 

The acronym for the Standard HID 26-bit HID format is H10301. H10301 has 255 possible facility codes from one to 255. There can be up to 65,535 card ID numbers, from one to 65,535, per facility code. The total number of cards that can use the entire range without duplication is 16,711,425. There are no restrictions on the use of this format.  

When ordering cards, it is important to provide the exact values you want in the programmable fields. The CUSTOMER, not ID Enhancements, supplies this information. Please note that customers often confuse the terms, Facility Code and Site Code. Some formats have a field called Facility Code and others have a Site Code, while others may have neither – or both. You must be certain to utilize the correct terms when ordering your cards. To avoid duplicating cards that are already in use on a site, customers must know the existing card numbers. 


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