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RapidPROX® Credentials


Proximity credentials don't have to be expensive to be high quality. ID Enhancements offers a product line called RapidPROX® that has been an industry-leading brand since 2001.  Our "Made in the USA" line of credentials offer several advantages over competing brands.  

Highest Quality - Lowest Pricing

The RapidPROX® ISOXT card offers a poly-composite layer that most other brands don't have, or that you have to pay extra for.  The industry standard ISO proximity card is 100% PVC.  Our standard is 60% PVC & 40% Polyester - offering a more durable card as compared to other brands.  

Largest and Most Diverse Inventory

Our RapidPROX® inventories offer the largest, most diverse selection of proximity credentials for immediate shipment in the USA.  Our product line includes ISO Proximity Cards, Clamshell Cards, Key Fobs, Tags, and multiple color configurations and custom-printing options.  Most every order carries a 48-hour standard production time, but our SAME-DAY production option is available and proves to be the fastest turn-around for custom-encoded credentials in the USA.

Fastest Production

ID Enhancements, Inc. offers the fastest production time in the USA, with an unprecedented SAME-DAY production option for the most critical situations.  Standard production is 24-48 hours. This production time includes the customer's choice of technology, bit format, facility code & number range.

Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee

Each RapidPROX® credential carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects. Our ISO cards are ISO-compliant and imageable on both sides; they integrate fully with most HID® proximity readers; and will meet or exceed the standard requirements for 125kHz proximity technology credentials.

Would you like help finding the right credential for your system? Contact us at 1.800.279.4560; sales@ide-corporate.com; or click here

RapidPROX® Introduces: LogoPROX™

RapidPROX® is known as the industry leader in custom-encoded proximity credentials.  Having introduced the first 48-hour production for proximity cards, and an unprecedented same-day production option, RapidPROX® is now offering this same rapid production process for custom-printed clamshell proximity cards. No longer do you have to wait weeks for cards, much less custom-printed cards.  At ID [...]

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RapidPROX® SlimLine™ Fobs

Access credentials come in many forms: cards, tags, key fobs and more. The newest member of the RapidPROX® family is actually one of the first fobs offered by ID Enhancements, Inc. more than 10 years ago. Re-branded as our SlimLine™ fob in 2016, these proximity key fobs work just like your card, but offer much more appeal by [...]

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RapidPROX® Incremental Structure

ID Enhancements, Inc. announces a new incremental structure for its RapidPROX® Service and Product Line. Offering as few as 10 credentials, the RapidPROX® line lowers the minimum purchase quantity for custom-encoded credentials for those customers needing their own encoding, yet only needing a few cards. This minimum has been adjusted for clamshell cards, ISO [...]

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RapidPROX® ORANGE Clamshell Cards

Distinguish your visitors from a distance with our RapidPROX® ORANGE Clamshell Cards. Designed to work with HID 125 kHz Proximity Readers, our clamshell cards carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Our cards are stocked for immediate programming and shipment. Choose your bit format, facility code and number range and we [...]

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ID Enhancements, Inc. offers the largest selection of proximity credentials for same-day shipment in the United States. The service attributed for this achievement is trademarked: “RapidPROX“.In 2001, the RapidPROX® Service was created to provide an alternative for customers who were waiting 4-6 weeks for proximity credentials. The RapidPROX® Service eliminated the long lead [...]

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