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30th Mar 2022

Our RapidPROX® Credentials are Made in the USA!
There are no "Made in America Products" sitting in a port, waiting to be unloaded.
That's right! We have full inventories of our Made in the USA Proximity Credentials. Whether you're looking for Clamshell Cards, Imageable Cards, Key Fobs or Tags, our inventories are full and we are ready to custom-encode for your facility and ship!

Take control of your supply chain with RapidPROX®
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RapidPROX® for HID®
RapidPROX® for INDALA®
RapidPROX® for AWID®
RapidPROX® for Kantech®
RapidPROX® for Allegion®
RapidPROX® for CASI®
RapidPROX® for Honeywell®
RapidPROX® for Keyscan®
RapidPROX® for DSX®
RapidPROX® for Simplex®

And, don't forget our convenient PROXPaks™
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