NEW! Non-Branded RapidPROX® Cards for Resellers

Our newest member of the RapidPROX® Family is our "Non-Branded Card". Great for Resellers who don't want any visible indication of the card's manufacturer and/or trademarks, while still adhering to the same, high-quality card configuration that RapidPROX® delivers.

RapidPROX® Imageable Cards are manufactured in the USA using genuine Atmel products; and our internal workings are welded, not glued like inferior cards found elsewhere.  A professional inkjet number is printed on each card. 

The ISOXT card that we offer is superior to other cards on the market. Our "XT" card is a composite style card that is similar in size and thickness to a credit card, and has the ideal surface to print custom artwork, images and photographs for identification, but includes an increased composite structure making the card stronger and more durable - ideal for lamination.

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