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Card Handling Guide


Learn more about how to handle your proximity cards, and how to take precautions to ensure the optimum print quality is achieved.


RapidPROX® ISO credentials are made with layers of PVC or composite materials (60% PVC and 40% PET - stronger than standard PVC cards) with a glossy surface designed for imprinting from a PVC card printer. These cards are thoroughly cleaned, prepared for imprinting and shrink-wrapped to protect against dust and debris.


When printing to the surface of an ISO proximity card, avoid printing to the area that contains the embedded chip. Variations in print and print quality can result if this area is not avoided. As emphasis, do not place a photo or barcode over the chip, as distortion may occur.  Prior to printing to your ISO proximity cards, try a few test prints to ensure proper design placement and orientation. Be sure to use your "non-access" cards (dummy cards) during this testing process.


RapidPROX® ISO credentials are shrink-wrapped after production. Use caution when removing cards from packaging. Do not touch the face of the cards with your fingers - always holding cards in a stack, by the edges. You may use lint-free gloves to prevent oils from your fingers from transferring to the cards.


Mulitple issues affect print quality, including variations in printer setup, poor printer maintenance, artwork selections and more. ID Enhancements, Inc. is not responsible for image quality variations, as these cards have been manufactured to a quality controlled specification that meets/exceeds requirements for high quality images. Failure to achieve the desired images is not the fault of the card.

Do's and Don'ts

DO NOT place card in direct sunlight (dashboard of a car). DO NOT bend, fold or apply adverse pressure.

DO NOT punch a hole outside of the slot indicators.

DO NOT punch a card prior to printing.*

DO NOT wash or leave in clothing to be washed.

DO NOT leave unused cards sitting out on the table.

DO fan the stack of cards prior to loading the input card hopper.** 

DO regularly clean your printer to ensure optimum print quality. DO check and replace printer rollers often for best results.

DO discard any cards that have been dropped or mishandled.

*It is highly recommended that you do not slot punch a card prior to printing, as the edge of the punched area may contain microscopic shards that can tear a print ribbon or damage the printhead in your printer.

**When opening a new package of cards, and prior to inserting the cards in your printer's input card hopper, take a moment and "fan" the cards to eliminate any static that may be present. This will prevent cards from sticking together and potentially jamming in your printer.


RapidPROX® ISO cards have slot hole indicators — small dots visible on the card back on both the horizontal and vertical orientations of the card. These slot hole indicators show you EXACTLY where you can punch a slot hole in the card. Punch on these dots, and ONLY on these dots.

To avoid punching your access card altogether, we suggest the use of a badge holder or gripper device. This also helps extend the life of the card by elimiating the narrow breakage point that remains after slot punching.

The slot hole indicators in the diagram above show the approximate location for safely punching the card. The chip location can also vary and be in a different location, so punch ONLY on the slot indicators.

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