Protection for Your Prox Cards

Each proximity card contains an internal antenna which contains all of the card's encoded information.  This antenna must be protected to maintain proper function.  Taking care to avoid potential damage to your proximity card is quite simple. We recommend a rigid badge holder, or a secure badge holder as the highest form of protection.  The rigid holder keeps the card from being bent, scratched, damaged or otherwise rendered useless.  Some abuse reported to proximity cards include:

- Being left on the dashboard of a hot car - warping the card

- Using the card as an "ice scraper" during inclement weather

- Punching a slot hole in the card outside of the designated slot indicators

- Leaning over a desk while wearing an unprotected card - breaking the card 

- Leaving the card in clothing and having it go through a washer & dryer cycle

Once properly educated on what pitfalls to avoid while using proximity cards, many accidents can be avoided. However, if you have questions, feel free to contact us for additional information. We are here to help you find the best solution for your organization.  Contact us at 1.800.279.4560. 

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