RapidPROX® Incremental Structure

17th Feb 2016

ID Enhancements, Inc. announces a new incremental structure for its RapidPROX® Service and Product Line. Offering as few as 10 credentials, the RapidPROX® line lowers the minimum purchase quantity for custom-encoded credentials for those customers needing their own encoding, yet only needing a few cards. This minimum has been adjusted for clamshell cards, ISO cards and proximity key fobs. Pre-encoded credentials have always been available in smaller quanitites, but the expansion of the RapidPROX® incremental structure is a new offering. This new structure will offer discounts at various quantity breaks from 10 to 50,000 cards. The higher the quantity - the lower the price.

RapidPROX® offers the largest selection of proximity credentials in the USA. Our comprehensive product line includes multiple card constructions; colored proximity cards; various fob styles; numerous color fob options; stock key tags; custom key tags and more! With our own production facility, our "in-stock" credentials are available for immediate programming and shipment (unlike most other companies who outsource their products).

RapidPROX® has proven to be the leader in rapid response order processing for the proximity credential market, as it continues to offer the only "same-day" production service in the United States. Standard order processing is 48 hours.

RapidPROX® CR80 Credentials are "Made in the USA" and are comprised of genuine chips, not clones - like cheaper products found in the marketplace. Our RapidPROX® Credentials also carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

RapidPROX® is owned and operated by ID Enhancements, Inc. - 100% Woman-Owned & Operated since 1993. For more information on ID Enhancements, Inc. or the RapidPROX® Product line, visit:

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