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RapidPROX® SlimLine™ - Now Available in Colors!

Our increasingly popular RapidPROX® SlimLine™ proximity fobs are now available in colors!  Available in multiple HID® 125kHz formats including: 26Bit, 34Bit, 35Bit, 36Bit and 37Bit.  Choose from: Black, Gray, Green, Blue, Orange & Red.  Each fob has a professional inkjet number, but laser-engraving is available for an additional fee.  Most orders ship within 48 hours, but same-day [...]

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RapidPROX® Incremental Structure

ID Enhancements, Inc. announces a new incremental structure for its RapidPROX® Service and Product Line. Offering as few as 10 credentials, the RapidPROX® line lowers the minimum purchase quantity for custom-encoded credentials for those customers needing their own encoding, yet only needing a few cards. This minimum has been adjusted for clamshell cards, ISO [...]

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PVC Proximity Key Tag

ID ENHANCEMENTS, INC. offers plain and custom-printed proximity key tags to fit on your key ring. These small, slender, PVC key tags take the place of larger, more bulky fobs, but offering the same, reliable convenience.Available in multiple 125kHz technologies including: HID, Keyscan, Northern, AWID & more, our unprinted tags are readily available for our [...]

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