RapidPROX® SlimLine™ Fobs

RapidPROX® SlimLine™ Fobs

13th Jun 2016

Access credentials come in many forms: cards, tags, key fobs and more. The newest member of the RapidPROX® family is actually one of the first fobs offered by ID Enhancements, Inc. more than 10 years ago. Re-branded as our SlimLine™ fob in 2016, these proximity key fobs work just like your card, but offer much more appeal by conveniently attaching to your key ring.  

Each SlimLine™ Key Fob is made of durable ABS plastic to withstand maximum wear and tear. In fact, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on each SlimLine™ fob.  Each fob contains a professional inkjet number, while a laser-engraved number is also available.

Available in multiple formats and technologies, our SlimLine™ key fobs are popular among parking garages, fitness centers, gyms and more.  Our fob is completely interchangeable with HID-brand cards and fobs, offering you a lesser-expensive option than the genuine OEM brand.

RapidPROX® SlimLine Proximity Key Fobs are extremely reliable, affordable and secure.  Interoperable with most HID® 125kHz readers, our credentials offer an alternative to the standard OEM brand.  Frequency: 125kHzRead Range: 3 inches

RapidPROX® SlimLine™ Proximity Key Fobs are made of ABS Material, designed with a sleek style that is convenient to carry - unlike bulky or large fob designs.  Dimensions: 40 x 32 x 4mm

RapidPROX® SlimLine™ Proximity Key Fobs come in a variety of colors include: Gray, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange & White.  

RapidPROX® SlimLine™ Proximity Key Fobs are programmed and shipped from our South Carolina production facility wthin 48 hours of receiving your order.  Same Day Shipment is also available for an additional fee.

RapidPROX® SlimLine™ Proximity Key Fobs include a NPS (Nickel-Plated Steel) Split Ring to attach to your key ring, unlike most other styles that do not include a key ring.

Click Here to view the multiple styles available for our RapidPROX® SlimLine™ fobs. 

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