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  • RapidPROX® Expands Wristband Line

    RapidPROX® announces two new wristband styles to its portfolio:  SportFit™ and KidFit™.  Both styles offer an attractive design, while ensuring "No Touch" safety adherence.  O…

  • What are Proximity Cards?

    A proximity card is simply an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) card that can be waved within the "proximity" of the reader without having to physically "touch" the reader, or swipe through the re…

  • RapidPROX™ Proximity Card Service

    RapidPROX™ Proximity Card Service

    ID Enhancements, Inc. offers the largest selection of proximity credentials for same-day shipment in the United States. The service attributed for this achievement is called "RapidProx™".In 200…

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