What are Proximity Cards?

21st Feb 2017

A proximity card is simply an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) card that can be waved within the "proximity" of the reader without having to physically "touch" the reader, or swipe through the reader.  Proximity cards are typically used to gain access to a building, but in recent years provide the ability to logon or sign-in various software systems. Many systems utilize proximity technology. In theory, these systems utilize readers that extract the ID number from the card and convey that ID number to the controller. The controller then searches the database for validity of that number, and instructs the reader whether to "allow" or "deny" entry based on the validity of the ID number in the software. If the card number was not a valid enrollee in the system, access would be denied.  To enhance proximity card security even further, the controller can be set to read certain facility codes - in addition to only certain ID card numbers. This is a secondary level of authentication within the software itself. Thirdly, the controller could be programmed to allow only certain bit formats (in addition to the facility code and card number). This three-level configuration allows the maximum security within the proximity card platform.

When it comes to proximity card brands,  RapidPROX® has been an industry-leader since 2001, providing 125kHz proximity cards with an unprecedented SAME DAY shipment option.  RapidPROX® offers a complete line of credentials including clamshell cards, imageable cards, key fobs, adhesive tags and more. Our RapidPROX® line also includes a large inventory of colored credentials - the largest and most diverse inventory of proximity credentials in the USA!

RapidPROX® cards come in multiple technologies, as well as your choice of bit format, facility code and number range. Since our production facility (located in South Carolina) controls the production, we control the lead time. Most orders ship within 48 hours, but SAME DAY shipment options are available. Here are a few of the card technologies we offer: AWID, HID, Keyscan, Casi and Indala

 RapidPROX® credentials are made in the USA.  

RapidPROX® credentials are covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. RapidPROX® credentials also offer a substantial savings over standard OEM cards - offering a savings of typically 30 - 40%.

Aren't sure what type of credential you need?  Contact us at 1.800.279.4560 and we will be happy to assist in determining the right card for you!  

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